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Welcome to Uniherbs Product Guide.  This is designed to help you find the right Uniherbs product for your needs.  Please email us the following information to uniherbs@gmail.com  We are committed to the protection of your privacy and do not sell or distribute your information to others outside our organization group.

1.  Your name

2.  Male/Female

3.  Month and Year Born

4.  Temperature of your forehead (cold, warm, hot)

5.  Temperature of your palm (cold, warm, hot)

6.  Color of your palm (pale, pink, red, dark purple)

7.  Temperature of your foot's sole (cold, warm, hot)

8.  Color of your foot's sole (pale, pink, red, dark purple)

9.  Bowel movement (_____ times per _____ days(s)

10.  Stool (firm, scattered, sticky, think/thin)

11.  Color of your stool (black, yellow, brown, dark green)

12.  Frequency of urination (_____ times per _____ day(s)

13.  Color of your urine (light yellow, yellow, dark yellow, foamy)

14.  Appetite (well, not well, full easily, hungry easily)

15.  Sleep (well, insomnia, light sleep, many dreams)

16.  What type of water do you want to drink when you are thirsty? (cold, room temperature, warm, hot)

17.  Tongue coating (dry, wet, peeling)

18.  Color of your tongue coating (red, yellow, white, black)

19.  Color of your phlegm (white, transparent, yellow, brown)

20.  Phlegm (hint of blood, foamy)

21.  Any other symptoms? 

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